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He’s going to Hell.  Socks and sandals.

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this will forever be my favorite tweet of all time


this will forever be my favorite tweet of all time

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Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen after a Sex Pistols concert at Brunel University, 1977.

Happy Labor Day!

It’s a good day to revisit the brilliant Gin & Tacos essay “Battered Worker Syndrome.”

Here’s a sample…

When the nation’s top 5% decided that we would all like to live in a post-industrial economy (circa 1994) and return to 1890s patterns of income distribution, everything changed. Your employer doesn’t give a shit about you. They’ll ship your job to Mexico or Indonesia or California State Prisons at the drop of a hat. Your job is not for life. It’s not even for tomorrow. At-will, no-benefit employment is the norm and workers respond, logically, by not giving much of a shit about their jobs, which of course merely accelerates the cycle of devaluing and outsourcing employees.”

Go read the rest. 


Texas woman sees image of Jesus on moth’s wings: ‘I believe this was a sign’ (To read the story, click image or here; For a related post, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/20393115940/woman-sees-face-of-jesus-on-dead-stingray-to-read)

How about: “Texas woman sees image of Alan Moore on moth’s wings…”



*Half of the USA population lives in those blue patches.

*If California runs out of water during the ongoing mega-drought, it’s gonna get tough.

*Also, as the seas rise, Florida will be missed. 

“MEDEA : Tell me,
How does it feel with my teeth in your heart?”
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Keith Richards, 1972


Marvel Double Feature #8, February 1975, cover by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia

"Bloodstains" by Agent Orange


another reference to the recent  Arizona gun tragedy resulting from a 9-year-old girl being allowed to fire an Uzi as a ‘treat’.. (story here)

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Things are getting dark at DragonCon this year…