Sting Crashes the WWE Panel at San Diego Comic Con, Reveals New Action Figure

Heyman, Daniel Bryan, Hogan, and Sting! Holy shit!!

I guess so.  Thanks for answering my question, Tumblr.

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Is this going on at Comicon?

Is this going on at Comicon?


Cubs player delivers fairytale ending for cancer patient 

There hasn’t been much to smile about this year for the Chicago Cubs. Just ask Jack White.

But Anthony Rizzo, the 24-year-old first baseman who’s positioned himself as the team’s franchise player of the future, is finding new ways to offer reason for hope — a rare commodity by tradition in Wrigleyville.

Rizzo promised a Cubs fan named Mike Kasallis, who was recently diagnosed with leukimia, that he’d hit a home run for him during Tuesday’s game against the Padres.

He managed to do Kasallis one better | Follow micdotcom

I like this Rizzo guy.

Harpo drops a gookie.

Harpo drops a gookie.


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Boogie Woogie

Drew Magary is a genius.

Nick Bilton?  Not so much…

Really interesting article about how Harry Potter fandom is maturing and impacting the culture.

I’m not really a Potter guy (I’m really old…) but a lot of people my age who were the original Star Wars geeks are currently running the show in tv and film and making some really great stuff.  

I bet that will continue with you young Potter types.


Faces — Stay WIth Me - 1971

I’ll make the argument that this is one of the best rock and roll songs ever.

And young people - believe it or not, there was a time when Rod Stewart was cool.  Yeah, Rod Stewart.  The same guy that made that Christmas album your grandma really likes.  At one time, he was badass.